CES 2013 – Pentax Announcements

Olympus’ OM cameras were well respected for their compact size in the 35mm film SLR era though in 1976-85 Pentax had their MX which was a fully mechanical camera which was extremely compact, particularly when paired with their 40mm pancake lens. Now Pentax┬áresuscitate the MX in the new MX-1 compact camera. It has brass for the top and base plates on the camera. It shares some other design cues from it’s ancient brother. There is backlit 12mp CMOS sensor and a lens offering a zoom range equivalent to 28-112mm. The aperture kicks off at f/1.8 and there is a flip-out screen. I am very eager to test this one.

Pentax MX-1

The Pentax Q10 is already a tiny enough changeable lens, mirrorless camera that is comes across as a toy, not helped by some of it’s lenses being named as “toy lenses”. Now Pentax have announced that the little Q10 is available in 100 colour combinations!!!

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