Everyday Food Magazine Shoots Feature With iPhone 4 & Hipstamatic

Just spotted a fascinating article in my Google Reader. Everyday Food magazine have a picnic recipe feature photographed by Lucas Allen using an iPhone 4 and the popular Hipstamatic app. Mashable reports that unlike other apps where the filters or effects are applied to the images in the gallery

 Hipstamatic’s creators wanted the app to mimic the experience of using an old analog camera as accurately as possible — including its unpredictability and quirkiness.

It’s one of the features that drew Anna Last, editor-in-chief of Everyday Food to the app in the first place.

The issue went on sale yesterday and apparently there is a special edition of it available for the Barnes and Noble Nook Color which is surprising. Even more interesting is that apparently the digital edition of the magazine is more popular on the Color Nook than the iPad. You can read the full story over at Mashable.

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