First Impression: Nikon D7000. New SB700 & Lenses

If you missed it, earlier this week Nikon announced a few new products including the replacement for the very popular D90, the Nikon D7000. We had the chance to put our hands on a sample for a few minutes and all I can say is “Impressive!” In fact, my palm is itching for switching personally.

In summary, the D7000 has a 16mp APS-C sized CMOS sensor. It shoots Full HD 1080p 24 frames per second. When you add the dual SD Card slots and magnesium body that feels as robust as the D300s and you start thinking this camera is fighting for a bigger label than ‘serious amateur’s camera’.

Hands On

From the very brief time the camera was in my hands it struck me as incredibly comfortable to hold and a sure step above the D90. Controls are – as you come to expect with Nikon – well laid out.

We hope to get our hands on for a full review but as they say, first impressions last longest and the D7000

Other Items

Along with the D7000 came the announcement of the AFS Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G and the AFS 200mm f/2G ED VRII. Nikon’s new fast primes are very exciting to see particularly when so many of the Canon primes are still stuck in the film day designs.

The SB-700 flash has also been announced as a replacement to the SB-600. With a guide number of 38 and zoom range of 24-120mm the SB-700 has much of the SB-900’s DNA particularly in terms of handling.