Free hotel stays for Instagram 10K+ club

Free hotel stays for Instagram 10K+ club

If having 10K or more Instagram followers doesn’t make you feel loved enough, then try this for size.  The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia are claiming that they are the first ‘Instagram Hotel’.  Basically what that means is that they have a super trendy, Indie looking hotel, that they think would look even more amazing through one of Instagram’s countless filter options.  The real kicker is that if you have more than 10K followers, you can stay here for free!




If you wade through an a heavily adjective laden CNN article you will discover that this is a pretty funky place to stay.  On top of that, the article mentions that “Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers are rewarded with a free night’s stay, while each month the guest who has snapped the best Instagram picture during their visit also gets a free night’s accommodation.”  That’s pretty generous given the upmarket location of this Boutique Hotel.


To add to the whole Instagram feel the hotel offers free maps for Insta-walks to what is called “Instragrammable” sights in the area surrounding the hotel.  A nice touch I feel.  However what is a little weird (bordering on just plain wrong in my opinion) is the dedicated “selfie-space”.  Now call me old-fashioned but its bad enough that the countless selfies in existance are taken anywhere the Google Maps team can drive a car, but do we really need to create a special area for them?  But far be it from me to stifle income generating ideas based on peoples insatiable need to take filter laden photos.