Huawei UltraStick 3G SD Card

The good folks at Huawei have taken 3G connections to a whole new level.  The new UltraStick is a SD card that’s been hollowed out in order to cram in a 21Mbps 3G radio, thus bringing further options to enable internet connectivity to your computer.  This also enables greater freedom of movement of your laptop.  By this I mean that you have the freedom to move your laptop around while remaining connected, but without the worry of your 3G modem hanging off the side just waiting to be broken off.  Or maybe that’s just for us more clumsy individuals?

Some may complain as to why this is not LTE compliant, but if we’re honest there is still a huge lack of LTE infrastructure across the globe, so this really shouldn’t concern the average consumer to much.  What we really want to know however, is when will this device be compatible with cameras?  Shoot and uploading straight to the cloud?  Sounds good to us!

At the time of writing there are no indications of pricing or availability, but be sure to look out in the future for updates on this.

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Darryl Gibbs

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