Impressions of Samsung’s 10mm Fisheye

A week or so back we were at the local launch of the Samsung NX300 and had the opportunity to get hands on for a few minutes with the then, yet to be officially announced, 10mm f/3.5 Fisheye for the NX range. The first thing that struck me about the lens was just how small it is. The closest lens that comes to mind as a gauge to compare it to size wise is the Sony NEX 16mm pancake lens and even that feels slightly bigger. Apart from the size it is well made and provides a fantastic alternative to the run of the mill pancake lens for your mirrorless NX.

The image below is one we were permitted to take briefly with the lens on the Samsung NX300. We would have loved to try it on the secret camera that was hiding elsewhere in the visiting VIP’s camera bag but sadly they had a flight to catch. Keep checking in for more details on that.


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