Mini Book Review: Winter in the Canadian Rockies

This is another great book from Craft and Vision with a great launch discount (details at the end of this review). Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett is filled with fantastic images which have been taken over years through all seasons though it is in the winter that Darwin prefers to photograph this location. Right from the beginning of the book he states “As you can see from the photos, I have a warm fondness for the coolness of winter.”

The images are inspirational, making one wish that we had the opportunity to explore such winter wonderlands just for one week in our sweltering South African summer. One image that stands our particularly to me, perhaps as I so wish to experience it first hand, is an image with the green glow of the Northern Lights.

As with all of the books in the Print & Process series from Craft & Vision, you are not just given salivating scene in still image, but after some 40 pages arrive at the process behind photographing such glorious prints. Information on the attitude, preparation, manner of dress and so much more, are given to guide one on how to take such images in such climates.

Following the general information needed to succeed, you are taken through a journey of all the images in the first half of the book and presented the story behind each.

All in all, this is a fantastic book, even if you may not get the opportunity to photograph the Canadian Rockies yourself, at least you find inspiration by the dozen.

Winter in the Canadian Rockies – Print & Process Marketing Notes

Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett is the newest ebook to the Craft & Vision library and the latest in the Print & Process series. Darwin captures the spirit of Canada’s most striking mountain range in this monograph of breath-taking landscapes. Photographers of all levels, and geographic persuasion, will find inspiration and insight in this beautiful body of work, and the accompanying discussions, that spans nearly 3 decades.

Darwin discusses in detail the joys and difficulties of working in the cold to capture the abstract and artistic beauty of this magical place. What could be better during these winter months than a great photographer and teacher like Darwin sharing his warm fondness for the coolness of winter?

Winter in the Canadian Rockies – Print & Process is available now as a downloadable PDF for just $5USD here.

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