New eBook from Craft & Vision: A Deeper Frame

New eBook Available! A Deeper Frame by David duChemin

By now you may well be aware that we really enjoy the Craft & Vision range of eBooks. At $5.00 (that roughly R35.00 at current rate of exchange) you could skip buying one fast food lunch meal – opting to take lunch instead – and spend that money on a read that will help improve your photography in your lunch break instead. Today the new book A Deeper Frame” by David duChemin has been released. There is also a great deal running with its launch where if you buy a collection of Craft & Vision books before the end of 2 July 2011, you can get between 20-34% off. Check out the full release after the break for more. Plus the new book is being reviewed by Armani as well, that’s coming soon.

New eBook Available: A Deeper Frame
David duChemin’s first eBook in over 6 months, A Deeper Frame, is an introduction to the discussion about re-introducing the illusion, or perception, of depth that is removed when the camera flattens the three-dimensional world into two. This insightful and inspirational eBook will help you understand principles that artists have understood for centuries, but that seldom get discussed in popular photography with more than a passing mention.

A Deeper Frame outlines seven ways that we can create more engaging images through the re-creation of a sense of depth in the flattened image to create photographs that feel immersive and invite a reader of that photograph to not merely look at the photograph but into or through the photograph.

A Deeper Frame is available now as a downloadable PDF for just $5USD.

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