New from Nikon the 18-140mm VR

Nikon have released two new products this week. The AF-S DX NIKKOR 18–140mm f/3.5–5.6G ED VR is, wide range zoom lens which to be honest, looks like it wants to be bundled on a new camera. It is possible they could team it up with something like the D7100, or maybe there is another camera soon to be announced? Of course that is simply speculation.

Nikon SB300 18-140mm

The other new product announced is the little SB-300 flash. It runs off of two AAA type batteries if that helps you understand how small it is. To be perfectly honest, it is only giving you a little more power than most pop-up flashes so the appeal with this is the fact that it offers a the versatility of being able to bounce flash upward on the ceiling. Bouncing flash though more than doubles the distance the flash needs to travel to your subject so you may still want a little more power than this flash offers.

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