New Nikon 1 Series Mirrorless Cameras

The photographic world is a buzz this morning with the announcement from Nikon of their entry into the mirrorless camera market with the new Nikon 1 series and the first two cameras in the range, the V1 and J1. It is hard to put into words what these new cameras are all about and since we are attending the South African launch of it a little later today – at least we hope that is what today’s event is about – we wont try to explain it till we go hands on.

Nikon 1 – Cameras that are one step ahead
Nikon introduces new camera system, Nikon 1, the world’s fastest, smallest, lightest

Johannesburg, South Africa, 21st September 2011: Photography will never be the same again. Nikon today introduces a revolutionary new digital camera system, Nikon 1, with the launch of two new cameras, the Nikon 1 J1 and the Nikon 1 V1. This next generation pioneers amazing photography features such as pre-post capture technology that starts before you – enabling ground breaking new shooting modes that mean you’ll never miss a moment again. Moving subjects like children are captured with ease, and photos become ‘living’ images.

“This is Nikon’s most significant announcement since we introduced the digital camera 14 years ago” said Takami Tsuchida, President, Nikon Europe, “With the launch of Nikon 1, we’re unveiling two ground breaking interchangeable lens cameras that are packed with revolutionary technology.”

Romi Jacobs, Chief Brand Officer for Nikon in South Africa said: “Our engineers have managed to house an incredibly powerful processor and sensor in a sleek, minimalist Nikon 1 body design: people will be able to take shots they didn’t believe were possible. These are not only the world’s fastest cameras – they have features that have never been seen before: shooting modes like Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector are going to let people capture images in ways they could never have imagined, and the 1 NIKKOR lenses are unique in the way they’ve been designed with portability and movie making in mind.”

Nikon’s market-changing Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lens (A-CIL) has been specially designed to help photographers perfectly capture a moment in time, by combining images and movies. With the development of Nikon’s cutting edge technology, you’ll never miss a thing.

Captivating new features
The Nikon 1 range has a processor that is many times faster than the most professional cameras and this unprecedented speed powers some never-before-seen functions. Motion Snapshot is a new concept in picture-taking. It captures fleeting moments and plays them back in a way that makes your picture appear that it is alive. It simultaneously records a slow motion movie and a still image, then instantly combines the two to deliver an evocative moving photo, capturing the story of a moment as never before. For the first time, you can record a snapshot of time, whether it is waves lapping at the shore, your best friend’s smile, or a child blowing out the candles on their birthday cake.

Another innovative feature powered by the cameras’ impressive speed is Smart Photo Selector which helps you to take the best possible full resolution picture. How many times have you tried to take an action shot, like your dog catching a ball or your child playing on the swing, only to miss the essential moment, because you took your shot a fraction too soon or too late? These intuitive cameras do the thinking for you. Press the shutter button once and the camera records 20 high resolution images at high speed and automatically selects the five best shots based on facial expressions, composition and focus. It then displays the best image on the high-resolution LCD screen. If you are not happy with the shot, the camera will suggest other images to choose from, meaning you’ll never take a bad picture again.

Two exciting new cameras
The Nikon 1 J1 is ideal for those who want a camera that effortlessly captures vivid personal and family memories. It is easy-to-use, has an in-built flash and is small and light enough to carry around – anywhere, anytime. The Nikon 1 J1 is available in five striking colours: matt black, high-gloss white, silver, high-gloss red and hot pink, with accessories to match. Kits range from R6499 (VAT inclusive).

The Nikon 1 V1 with its tough body construction is the perfect camera for technology lovers and trendsetters who want to take their photography to the next level. Its high resolution viewfinder helps you to frame shots in bright light and is It also has an expandable multi accessory port which lets you attach an external flash and other accessories. The Nikon 1 V1 is available in matt black or high-gloss white. Kits range from R8999 (VAT inclusive).

Quality without compromise
Nikon has created a camera system with revolutionary new features without compromising on size, usability or image and movie quality. These cameras have the fastest autofocus in their class, which means they are ready to capture the action as soon as you are. Its high-speed continuous shot with 60 fps (frames per second) lets you take a steady stream of photos without taking your finger off the shutter button – all while producing professional-quality still images with a sharp 10 megapixel resolution. And if you have ever struggled with low lighting, the camera’s CX-format CMOS sensor delivers still images with vivid colours.

Having a still or Motion Snapshot image won’t always be enough, so both Nikon 1 cameras give you Full HD movie capability, where you can film at 60 or 30 fps3. You can take a high resolution still image4 while continuing to take a movie. You can even capture the action in extreme slow motion and play back a two or three second clip over a couple of minutes for some really creative filming – be it a water droplet hitting a surface or your friend jumping in the air.

Beautifully simple design
You will be as delighted with how Nikon 1 looks as you will be with how it performs. Both cameras share a simple design, with clean lines and minimal buttons to enhance their sleek form. They also boast a high-quality, strong, yet light-weight aluminium body, for a durable and premium feel. The Nikon 1 V1 even has magnesium alloy covers.

New interchangeable lenses
When crafting Nikon 1, Nikon’s engineers didn’t just focus on the new. In fact, when it came to the new 1-mount, they drew on more than 50 years of expertise: the last time Nikon created a totally new lens mount was the F-mount in 1959. The 1-mount is what allows you to use the Nikon 1 system’s range of interchangeable 1 NIKKOR lenses. Engineered to ensure each lens communicates perfectly with the camera, it’s a key factor in the ability of Nikon 1 cameras to deliver still image and movie recording without compromise.

The new family of four interchangeable 1 NIKKOR lenses deliver outstanding precision, resolution and contrast and have been created in perfect proportion to the camera’s small body. They all boast a slim-line, light-weight design for superior portability and balance and are incredibly easy-to-use for stunning, effortless photography and movie recording in any situation.

The wide range of lenses has been designed exclusively for the 1-mount. This first generation line-up covers a range of focal lengths including the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm (standard 3x zoom lens), offering enjoyable shooting anywhere, the retractable 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm (telephoto zoom lens) to capture a wide variety of scenes, the ultra-thin 1 NIKKOR 10mm (fixed-focal length lens) for wide-angle shooting, helping you get everything in the shot, and the 1 NIKKOR 10-100mm PD-ZOOM (power-drive zoom with adjustable speed) which is ideal for those who enjoy shooting movies. And all of this is just the beginning. Nikon know that the best lenses lead to the best images and future 1 NIKKOR lenses are already in development.

Expand your system — Stay compact: Nikon 1 system accessories
The Nikon 1 range of optional system accessories help you get the most out of your shooting without weighing down your bag.

The tiny SB-N5 Speedlight flash is a convenient way to control the direction and quality of light, or get creative with shots by ‘bouncing’ the flash off the ceiling or walls. Compatible with the Nikon 1 V1, it can be rotated vertically or horizontally, and a capture illuminator (LED) on the front of the unit provides extra light when using Motion Snapshot or Smart Photo Selector in the dark.

The ultra-compact GP-N100 GPS unit is the easy way to tag images on the go. Compatible with the Nikon 1 V1, it attaches directly to the camera’s multi-accessory port and automatically records latitude, longitude, altitude and time as ‘geotags’ in the image data (EXIF).

The F-mount adapter lets anyone use any NIKKOR D-SLR lens with a Nikon 1 camera. Compatible with both the Nikon 1 V1 and the Nikon 1 J1, it offers limitless possibilities to match a lens to the shooting situation and all AF-S and AF-I NIKKOR lenses are compatible with the Nikon 1 autofocus system.

But the complete range of Nikon 1 accessories doesn’t stop there. A whole range of Nikon 1 branded camera and lens cases and straps, as well as lens hoods and camera grips are available to protect your equipment and contribute to more comfortable shooting. You can use Nikon’s external stereo microphone, the ME-1, with the Nikon 1 V1. And both Nikon 1 cameras come with Nikon’s new Short Movie Creator software, which automatically creates short movies from still images, movie footage and music — as well as your Motion Snapshots.