News Round Up: Kodak Bankruptcy, New Sony Sensor,

There has been little bits of news all over the web in the past week or so. Some of it bigger than others. Like Kodak filing for bankruptcy. It is sad to see a company which was actually rather innovative – after all they practically invented digital photography – fall because it was too scared to cannibalise itself in a time where their film products ruled the roost. Sad thing is, they could have owned the digital market and still had a profitable film business it seems. Read on for more on this and other stories.


PetaPixel reported toward the end of last week (quoting Bloomberg) that Kodak’s filing for bankruptcy is just another step in the CEO’s plan to sell off the photographic division and stick to inkjet printing. What is interesting about the report is that Kodak claim their film business (both for stills and cinematography) is still profitable. Get the story here.


It was the the brand whose cameras instantly made photographers think of being a spy. Everything about the tiny silver cameras made by Minox was small, from the film to the enlarger. Sadly Minox has never really found it’s feet in the digital era. At CES the company told Amateur Photographer magazine in the UK that they would be leaving the compact digital camera space due – in part – to the growing use and quality of cameras in smart phones. Shortly after that report they came out with a statement to say that they were not getting out of digital cameras completely but would focus on niche markets. See what you make out of it. The first report can be found here and the damage control statement here.


Sony seems to have been the fastest adopter of the Backlit CMOS sensors in the compact camera and mobile phone space (at very least they were the most verbal about it). Now the company as announced a new design that will allow them to make the sensors more cost effective and compact which could mean fitting bigger sensors in the same space the old design take. This could be very good news for mobile phones in particular. Engadget have a report explaining the technology a bit more and also video showing the HDR video capability that the new sensors should be able to offer as well. Check it out here.


Being slightly overshadowed at the moment by pictures apparently of the EOS 5D Mk II replacement in the wild (Kenyan safari in fact) is the news that Canon have patented a large, backlit CMOS sensor for APS-C and Full Frame. This could be a big step forward for them in the noise level race. I wonder what has prohibited bigger sensors using Backlit CMOS before? Anyway, you can find more about this story here at 1001 Noisy Cameras.


The last story is that Olympus may be looking to Sony for help following the financial miss management discoveries over the last couple of months that has hammered the company’s share price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It will be interesting to see what happens though reports are that we won’t have to wait long. Seems there could be a press release as early as next week. See Engadget’s view here.