Nikon in the News

Two news stories are doing the rounds at the moment about Nikon. The first one which caught our eye – as we wait for our review units to test ourselves – is the Nikon 1 V1 and J1 have been reviewed over at DxO Mark. There are some interesting things to not here. As expected the smaller sensor on the Nikon is struggling against the bigger APS-C sensor in cameras like the Sony NEX-C3. On the flip side the new CX sensor in the Nikon’s is holding it’s own against the Micro Four Thirds sensors in the Olympus PEN range or Panasonic.

(Source: Nikon Rumors)

Gear Makes The Photographer! Really?

The other Nikon in the news item that is ruffling feathers is a statement made on the company’s Facebook page:

A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses, and a good lens is essential to taking good pictures! Do any of our facebook fans use any of the NIKKOR lenses? Which is your favorite and what types of situations do you use it for?

Now I don’t think they meant it in quite the way it is being taken by people but it is a marketing statement which would upset real photographers who are aware that the camera is simply a tool, a client that Nikon has stacks of. Perhaps they should have chosen their wording a little more carefully.

Responses range from things like

Someone at Nikon is out of focus

To calling the status retarded and asking for someone’s head to roll. Perhaps Chris Simpson hit the nail on the head with what Nikon’s intention for this statement is:

I think all the controversy this status has causes was the intention of the marketing team. Thousands of you took the bait and made this status huge, informative and controversial. Which is great FREE publicity for nikon.

What ever their reasoning, there has not been a further status from the company about their statement, will be interesting to see if they bother to say anything at all.

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