Nikon teaser video #2

Nikon seem hell bent on creating hype for their upcoming “Retro” camera, and they are doing this by adding a 2nd video to the mix.

This video seems to reveal a bit more regarding the build and design of the camera, albeit for split seconds at a time.

Nikon seem to be making a story from these adverts around a guy who is making his way across Scotland, capturing the views in all its “purity”. ┬áThis gives promise to the notion that there will be more videos to come between now and the rumoured 06 November launch date. ┬áStay tuned for more.


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Darryl Gibbs

Simply put, Darryl is a serious tech enthusiast, bordering on "nerd" status. His interest in the world of photography was hatched while marketing for one of the major camera brands, and he hasn't looked back since. Darryl has an insatiable need to improve the quality of peoples lives through technology by making it accessible and understandable. Add to that a humorous outlook on things, and you have a pretty awesome kind of guy!