Olympus Launch

With breakfast being served in the air the theme of todays launch is taking Olympus to new heights. Kicking off with the history of Olympus and their history in optics.

9:30 – Roughly 50% of Olympus’ business comes from Asia. Africa is a big part of their expansion strategy. With South Africa being the biggest market for the Africa Expansion Strategy.

Local Service Centre Opening
A service centre agreement is beginning with a company down in Cape Town. Great News!

9:50 – Entry Level Smart Range VG series. Right from the entry level there are lithium batteries. VR series offers increased zoom range. Getting 12.5x zoom on the Vr-320 for under R2000,00. Great value.

The famous TOUGH which is meant to be more than just water proof. TG-610 offers 5x zoom with 5m waterproof. The TG-810 is the range topping one which is crush proof to 100kg. GPS and compass in this top model too. It has built in places of interest, telling you if what you are point your cameras to is a point of interest like Table Mountain.

10:00 – Traveller range, the S-series like the new SZ-10 with has 18x zoom. The SZ-20 has the smaller 12.5x zoom but uses a CMOS sensor, backlit. The top end SZ-30MR has a 24x zoom with CMOS sensor and can shoot video plus still same time. Shoot two videos simultaneously… Great.

10:05 – The camera I am really interested in, XZ-1 the Nikon P7000 and Canon G12 killer. 4x zoom with f/1.8 aperture. I really want this machine. Hope to play with it a little later.

10:10 – Now on to the Olympus PEN and DSLR. Showing off the E-PL2 first. We enjoyed the E-PL1 though had some concerns but the E-PL2 shakes things up a little, apparently it is compatible with some 500 lenses using adapters. The E-5 DSLR is – they claim – sharper than the Nikon D300s and has the quickest Autofocus of any DSLR.

That’s it, heading up to breakfast in the air.