Our First Hands on with Nikon D5100

You see that picture above, its not a Photoshop job, its the Nikon D5100 in the wild. We managed to be in a camera shop the same time the product manager brought it round for the guys to check out. So what are my first impression on it?


  • The image quality – bearing in mind it was a sample not production unit – seemed good
  • The new screen with the hinge on the side is much better than at the bottom like the old D5000
  • Video quality seems great too
  • The effects which include Tilt Shift or Miniature to make the world look like toys can be applied to videos live
  • HDR mode
  • Improved handling compared to the D5000
  • The Infra-red remote control sensor is on the back of the camera for those who don’t want a cable release. At last someone is using their head.


  • The handling is better than the D5000 but for me personally, its still not a comfortable camera to hold
  • Autofocus in Live View and video still feels a bit… uncertain and inside a fairly well lit shop it seemed to struggle from time to time
  • HDR is only two shots

All in all I think this is still going to be a winner for Nikon, personally I think if video is really important for you then go for it over the D3100 and maybe even the D7000 with that flip out and rotating screen but other than that I may be more incline to go for the D3100 as a first time buyer or D7000 for a longer term, more serious investment. But thats just me, it is still going to sell like hotcakes I suspect and I could find my view a little different if and when we can get a unit to review.