Pentax Announce K-50, K-500 and Q7

Pentax have had a little bit of a rough ride over the last few years and despite offering some slightly more unique cameras in their respective price ranges (with dust and moisture sealed DSLR in price ranges where competitors are not), they have lacked a real entry level product in the range for some time. This is something they no doubt wish to remedy with the new K-500. We are just wondering if it is a little too late? Let’s take a look at them.

Pentax K-50 Battery options

K-50 and K-500
Many of the key features on these two cameras are the same. For example both feature the popular 16mp CMOS sensor and shoot at ISO 51200 plus offer a drive mode of six frames per second. Both cameras also sport optical viewfinders with approximately 100% field of view. The difference is mostly on build with the K-50 replacing the dust and moisture sealed K-30 while the K-500 brings a more entry level product in terms of build. Pricing is going to be critical to even gain some air time with the aggressive pricing on entry level bundles consumers are bombarded with in retail channels from Nikon and Canon. Time will tell if this will help them get a little bit of ground they have lost lately. Oh, and the K-50 will be available in 120 different colour variations internationally.

Pentax K-50 in 120 colours

Pentax Q7
While many proclaimed the Pentax Q range of really tiny, changeable lens, mirrorless cameras dead on arrival, they appear in certain markets to warrant Pentax growing the brand. The Q7 is set to be the range topping model and will offer a slightly larger sensor than previous and current Q models.

Pentax Q7

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