Photographer’s Open Letter to Charlize Theron

Photographer’s Open Letter to Charlize Theron

South African photographer Albert Bredenhann, owner of Pixel Pro Photography, has posted on his Facebook Page an open letter to South African born, Oscar winning, Hollywood super star, Charlize Theron. The letter from Bredenhann begins:

Dearest Charlize,

Being a photographer is probably the second best job in the world after acting.

He goes on to say:

Since I started as a photographer, I always told people that I would not stop until I manage to get a photo shoot with you.

After failing to find a way of making contact with Theron, he has turned to Facebook and the internet to try create the awareness he needs and hopefully succeed in his quest.  As he highlights:

In the last few years I photographed as many celebrities as possible, from Kurt Darren, Miss/Mrs South Africa, Steve Hofmeyr, Bobby en Karlien (ek neem aan jy het al van hulle gehoor) and I even got close to Andreo Bocelli, Elton John but there is one spot left on my list and that one is reserved for you.

So let’s get to the point. I decided to use the Internet in my quest to arrange for that special photo shoot with you and that is the reason for this open letter.

So dearest Charlize … may I please ask for the opportunity to do a photo shoot with you.

The plan for the resulting image from this shoot, would be to sell it with all the funds raised going to a charity of Charlize’s choice.

At time of writing, the post on Facebook has been shared 62 times with many photographer taking time to like and encourage the effort. No response yet on Charlize’s Facebook page but it will be interesting to see where this goes. Find the full open letter on Albert’s site here.