Photos For Hope & Foto First Announcement

Let me begin with an apology, we have been very busy testing a new photo management system, moving, helping at workshops etc and have not yet announced the PhotoFriday winner for the period Feb-Apr 2011. That will happen next week when we have all the judges input. At the same time I want to announce that for the period from May-July 2011 Photo Friday will take place in the Photos For Hope Gallery, read on for more, this ones is important.

Newest Uploads

Those of you who have read the May issue of PhotoComment magazine and/or following this site regularly will have read about the Sunflower Fund’s – the foundation responsible for the National Bone Marrow Register in South Africa – Photo For Hope project which not only aims to raise funds to test possible donors for the registry but also create awareness that a person with Leukemia has a 1 in 100,000 chance of finding a match off a registry.
We mentioned in the May issue that we had some great news coming and today we wish to share it with you. Thanks to the support of Foto First, PhotoComment readers have a chance to add their photograph to collection of 1000 images that will be printed by Foto First for the Photos For Hope event on 16 July at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. That means no matter where you are in South Africa, or the world for that matter, you can be a part of this great event. 

How To Take Part

You will find in the GALLERY section of our website a gallery dedicated to Photos For Hope. Register on our site if you are not already and you will be able to upload images into this gallery and the first 1000 images will be printed by Foto First for the big day when all the images will be sold to raise funds for the tests needed to be added to the Bone Marrow Registry, a test which costs R1000.00 per person.

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Wait There’s More

Outside of the above, Foto First’s flagship stores will be offering a discounted rate to people wanting to print A4 and A3 photographs and leave them in store to be collected by the Sunflower Fund before 16 July 2011. The rate for an A4 is R10,00 and A3 R20,00 opposed to the regular price of R24,95 and R44,95 respectively. The stores that will be the print and drop off point for Photos For Hope are:

Foto First – Clearwater Mall
Foto First – Cresta
Foto First – East Rand Mall
Foto First – Fourways Mall
Foto First – Fourways Crossing
Foto First – Mall @ Reds
Foto First – Balfour Park

Participation Ideas

For those of you who are in Johannesburg we strongly suggest getting to Melrose Arch on 16 July 2011 from 9am and check out the images that will be on show. Purchase a print or two and perhaps you could take it a step further. For example, why not shoot a persons portrait and invite them to purchase the prints at the event? Invite family or friends or prospective clients to see your work exhibited there on the day.

We look forward to seeing your images for this life saving cause.

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