Profoto B1 – Studio Light with Built in Battery Power and E-TTL

Say goodbye to cables and battery packs when doing location shooting. Profoto (distributed in South Africa by Sunshine Company) have released their new B1 flash head with features a battery on the side that you can swap out. The technology is not that different from battery tech used in laptops.

This flash head is capable of pushing out up to 500 watts, the battery delivering 220 shots per charge at this full power setting. The flash is capable of firing at 20 frames per second (if you can find a camera fast enough, we don’t know of one yet) and has up to a 1/19,000 of a second flash duration.

To add a cherry on top, the B1 is compatible with Canon’s E-TTL wireless flash metering at launch. Nikon compatibility is said to be coming in the next few months. By the way, the AirTTL and standard Profoto Radio Slave range is 300 meters.

We recently had the opportunity to get a brief demo of the B1 before it’s announcement and can tell you that it blew us away. Check out the launch video below for more.

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