Reality Photography Show – ‘Sharp Shooter’ on Mnet

This Sunday saw the first episode of ‘Sharp Shooter’ – a reality television program that puts 15 photographers through their paces – flight on Mnet. The mix of various photographers from amateurs to seasoned pros on 10 assignments is a nice touch. The Judging panel is made up of Bryan Traylor – professional photographer from the USA working in South Africa, Jenni Button the fashion icon and Josie Borain a former model and photographer. The first episode has the photographers shooting fireman in training with Nikon D5000 cameras.

There has been a fair amount of talk on social platforms for and against the show. Some have criticized the show or Nikon for only offering the D500o to the contestants. Keeping in mind that the show is aimed at consumers, I think the move is a smart one, showing that if you know what you doing you don’t need the most expensive camera to get great images.

The show illustrates just how differently we interpret photography, that it is truly subjective. The discussions among the judges and then with the judging panel with the contestants goes to show this.

The grand prize is R250,000.00 in cash and a further R250,000.00 in Nikon gear. One of the contestants on the show is Ian Cooper who shared his review of the Nikon D3s in our July 2010 issue. Be sure to  catch the show on Sunday’s on Mnet (DSTV Channel 101) at 17:30.