Scott Kelby to Drop Drobo – [UPDATE – Post Pulled]

Update: It appears that Scott’s article has been pulled from his website. The image above is a screen shot of his article as it appeared in the Google Reader this morning. Here’s hoping the article was pulled from Scott’s blog as they work out a suitable solution.

This morning while going through my Google Reader, I was surprised to find an article from Scott Kelby explaining why he is “Done with Drobo“. Essentially his Drobo was cycling between ‘On’ and ‘Off’ and he was not able to access his images. It would appear it is the fourth time something like this has happened. This time his Drobo appears to be out of warranty and they wanted to charge him initially $300 to extend the warranty and try resolve the issue. They later came down to $100. Scott was so upset he offered the $100 to anyone who could suggest a better replacement solution. Any Ideas?