Starting In Studio

I have a confession to make. I have been doing something photographically related since I was in primary school and in that time I have tried my hand at photographing Wildlife, Landscapes, Macro, Still Life, Sports etc, but there is one thing I have yearned to learn more about and try more seriously, and that is working in a studio.

I am not saying I have never used studio lights before, I have, but back then I was shooting film and I wasn’t going to take a chance. I shot two events with two lights at 45 degree angles, metered carefully and never wasting a shot, but that is the some total of my life and studio lights.

So now after years of dreaming, I am finally going to be attending a Studio Photography course. I missed out last weeks lesson due to some poor planning on my side so this week will be a double hitter. Tomorrow night I will be having Lesson 2 at the College of Digital Photography, Saxonwold Campus and then Wednesday will be catching up Lesson 1.

I hope to keep you all posted with my progress and should even be able to let you see my progress as the next few weeks unfold. Cross fingers, hold thumbs etc.