Sunflower Fund – Photos for Hope

Yesterday we got this fantastic email from the Sunflower Fund which – if you are not aware of already through their National Bandana Day initiative – raises funds for the South African Bone Marrow Registry to help test bone marrow donors and build the registry. A new initiative they are launching this year is “Photo for Hope”. In a nutshell, photographers can donate prints of their best work to be sold to raise funds for the Sunflower Fund. We fully support this initiative. Click on the banner above to learn more.


75% of patients diagnosed with leukaemia and other life threatening blood disorders are under the age of 25.  For many patients unable to stay in remission with chemotherapy alone a bone marrow stem cell transplant becomes a viable treatment option.  For most patients the odds of finding their life saving match are 1 in 100 000.  This is further complicated as heritage plays a vital role in finding a perfect match.  It is therefore critical that we continue to build a Registry for all Africans to give all young patients a chance at life.

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