Web Picks & News Round Up: Canon EOS 5D Mk III, Nokia 41mp Smart Phone etc

Let us start this weeks round up with the biggest news of the day, Canon’s announcement of the long awaited EOS-5D Mk III. The new camera boasts many improvements over the Mark II version including a more robust build, 6 frames per second and a 22.3mp sensor which utilizes the gapless micro lens technology that is on the EOS-1Dx and should make for improved low light performance. Also on the improvement list is the autofocus system which is the 61-point system found in the EOS1-Dx.

Canon has also worked on things that will improve the video experiences like the inclusion of a headphone jack to monitor sound while shooting and controls which are touch sensitive thus removing the camera shake and clicking noise created by turning a wheel or dial while recording. It appears that at first the camera will not replace the older 5D Mk II. (Find press releases and impressions at PetaPixel, The Phoblographer and DP Review)

At the same time Canon have announced a new Speedlite 600EX-RT flash and ST-E3-RT trigger. The “RT” in both models refers to the fact that they are Radio Triggered which is something that remote flash users have been calling for for some time (wonder how this will impact Pocket Wizard sales). You can find talk about these new products on the Strobist site as well as Syl Arena’s (the Canon Speedlite evangelist) blog.

New Sony Cybershot Range

Sony announced the new range of Cybershot cameras this week. The list is a little long to go into detail here but if you want to know more and have not as yet seen the news you can head over here for the big zoom models like the HX200 and HX30V, or here for the new T series cameras including the waterproof TX20.

Kodak Cans Ektachrome, Sells Online Gallery

If you have not heard by now, Kodak is in a lot of trouble, in fact they filed for bankruptcy. As part of the company’s ‘turn around’ strategy they are selling off their online gallery service (that you have likely never used) to Shutterfly for $24 million (see Engadget). They are also killing off their Ektachrome film range. According to an article by British Journal or Photography, Kodak are discontinuing the film due to a “steady decrease in sales”. Find their full article with estimates of how long the film should be available here.

Scott Kelby Extensive Interview

Scott Kelby posted on his blog about what he describes as “maybe my most in-depth interview… ever”. You can find his thoughts on this interview, right here.

Nokia’s 41mp Camera Phone

It is a project that has been 5 years in the making, the Nokia 808 Pureview is a smart phone that claims to have a 41mp sensor. The camera cleverly combines all those pixels to give a very high quality 5-8mp final image. PetaPixel compare it’s sensor size here while you can find some sample images here.

Wrap Up

A quick wrap up of some other cool things we found on the web.

13 Lytro Images that have been posted by Mashable which you can play with and experience the refocusing technology etc.

Chase Jarvis shares 5 simple steps to becoming a pro photographer here.

PetaPixel as always have some great content to check on your weekend including a simple explanation of Depth of Field, beautiful 360 degree aerial images from the world’s highest waterfall, a video on street photography in Hong Kong and the lovely tilt shift time lapse as seen below.

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Nikon Rumours have shared details of how Nikon view the D800 as a new category of camera and not a replacement for the D700 (something I keep trying to tell people when they complain about it). They also shares details of how Nikon seem to be planning the launch of an online store in Europe. This could be controversial, Pentax got a lot of backlash when they tried it a few years ago.

Lastly, here is a DIY flash defuser project for your weekend from Improve Photography.