Dear Photographer, Tip, Love Your Client.

Photographers give this some thought today:

Dear Photographer taking my family’s pictures today.

All people are unique. All Families are different.  Please don’t make us pose unnaturally to our natures.  My toddler does not sit still and pulls faces when he does – you’ll need to be prepared for that.

We are not just some other family you are taking pictures of today.  We have individual relationships that we express between us  – please honor and try to capture those.

I do not want my family photo’s to look like the Smith family shots you did last week, last month or last year.  I don’t mind if you try one thing new and experiment to get the best pics of my family.  A balance of professionalism and ingenuity please.

Please communicate with me about what my expectations are and what your capabilities are.

I think thats all – I ought to still leave you with the creative license.  So please be creative.

Love from Your Client (who knows a bit about the visual arts)