Photo Tip – Carry a Compact Camera

I confess, I am not the world’s greatest advocate of the compact digital camera. I think it perhaps originates from my days of repairing little compact film cameras. Now, I think my tune is beginning to change.

I recently got a compact that we previously were very impressed by – the Sony Cybershot HX5 – and since doing so a new world of pulling over to grab the shot has opened up to me. I am sure there are many of us… far too many I would say, that have regrets of not having a camera on us when we come across a beautiful scene or meet an old friend at a party where we did not take our DSLR because it is just too big.

The truth be told, we justify not using compacts because the quality is not on par with our DSLR investment and while that may be the case, I have been very happy with the images I have take with the little HX5.

My mother in law recently returned from a trip to the USA. She took with her an entry level Canon Powershot that she got as a prize. The images are fantastic and pictures that she would never have taken if she had had to travel with the old film base Minolta SLR.

So here is the tip, have fewer regrets. Get yourself a compact camera if you are not prepared to always carry your SLR and take those pictures you always regret you missed because ‘you didn’t have a camera on you’ there should be no more excuse.

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