Photo Tip: Carry One Lens

Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria, Cologne CathedralSometimes we get stuck in this train of thought that we need a bag full of lenses to get the shot. Perhaps it is good from time to time to change our thought process. I am a big fan of fixed or prime lenses, like the good old 50mm and I have become a bigger fan of walking around and shooting with just one lens. The benefit of doing this is not just that it saves weight I might add.

When you shoot with one lens you force yourself to do two things.

  1. You begin to think in the focal length. You see in its perspective and understand what its limits and benefits are.
  2. This thinking makes you explore subjects in a new way. Take a building for example. Many of us automatically reach for the wide angle, but if you only take a telephoto with you what do you do? Look for details, get in close, shoot it from far. The possibilities are endless.

So try it. Limit your self and get more creative.