Photo Tip: Inspiration in Images

All creative type people experience a block at some point or another, from writers block to photographers block the best thing to do at these times is seek inspiration. There has never been a time in the history of the world where so many photographs have been available so easily.

So here is this weeks tip, consume photographs and be inspired. Take time to de-construct them and figure out how it was lit, or why the photographer composed it the way it is composed.

Now before you go running off to view the hundreds of thousands of images that are on Flickr, we would like to suggest another fantastic resource for viewing images. Stock libraries are filled with a great number of images which have gone through checks and approvals so that they will offer the greatest appeal to paying art directors, picture editors etc. With this in mind, why not head over to the likes of iStockphoto or fotolia.

(Picture in Post by Werner Strauss)