Photo Tip: Prepare Gear the Night Before

While I may be writing this weeks Photo Tip, the idea comes from Rikki who regularly contributes here on PhotoComment. Rikki’s tip “Always prep your camera gear the night before a shoot, so there is time to charge your batteries, check your memory cards, pack your props, and make sure you have everything you need.”

We asked Rikki why this would be her photo tip. Here is her story.

Once after a really challenging full day shoot for the boxing brand, Everlast, I was shooting on 2 cards, and while I was busy with the one card, Julian was downloading the other. We were shooting celebs like Baby Jakes and the World Feather Weight champion, and the images were going to be used for billboards. The next morning Julian was cooking breakfast and I was sitting on the kitchen counter watching the washing machine, when I noticed this strange square shape on the inside on the washing machine window…. Yes, it was my memory card. I jumped into bed and pulled the duvet over my head… Then I called my Mom who is a Reiki master, and asked her “Mom… have you ever done Reiki on a piece of equipment?”

Needless to say, she came right over when I explained how important the images were. She did her thing, I put the card back in the camera and connected to my laptop and waited holding my breath… and slowly exhaled as I saw the images transfer!

Not exactly about pre-prepping – more about post-prepping. I had completely forgotten that the card was in the pocket of my jeans.

I now violently shake out anything that goes into the wash

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