Photo Tip: Quick and Easy Photo Resizing without an image editor!

So, you have a bunch of photos you want to resize to email or upload to a website. (PhotoComment’s Photo Friday Competition for example) However you don’t have access to PhotoShop or the like and need to do them in a hurry. Well here is a simple yet often overlooked method for quickly resizing your photos on any PC.

Use File Explorer to Navigate to the folder that contains the image you would like to resize. Select the file and ‘Right Click’, then select ‘Send To’ and then ‘Mail Receipient’ as shown below.

In the next window you have the option to select the size you would like to resize the image to. Unfortunately you are limited to the sizes offered but these are the most common sizes you would want to resize images to.

Once you have selected the size, click OK. The compose email window will now come up. If you want to email the images simply enter the email address and type your message and click send. However if you are just using this trick to resize the image right click on the file name in the attachment line and click ‘Save As’, then save the files in any location you like.