Photo Tip: Remember to Capture Memories

Photography is fantastic and for many – particularly people like me who cannot draw or paint – its a great form of artistic expression. There are moments where we sometimes need to remember though, that photography is an important medium to document memories or short moments that are never to be repeated again. In such moments is it wrong to simply snap a photo?

I am likely going to get a fair amount of flack for this but my reply is by all means, take a snap. I would venture to say that almost always it is better to have some type of photo then have no photograph at all. Put it this way, if you see a UFO and all you have is your cellphone or wide angle lens grab the shot before you go running inside for your camera or long lens.

Your child is pulling the cats whiskers and it’s tolerating it, switch to auto (particularly if you are unfamiliar with your camera), snap the photo and extract the cat, its not likely going to last long enough for you to set up studio lighting before someone gets hurt.

In essence what I am trying to say here is, don’t let memories or moments slip away because you are fiddling with unfamiliar gear or trying to turn each moment into a work of art. By all meams be more thoughtful after the snap should time allow but don’t pull open an album of posed images one day and wish you had taken more pictures of your child smeared in chocolate or that last holiday before family moved away or out of home. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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