PhotoComment Podcast Episode 002 – Nikon V1, J1 Impression, Epson and Vanguard Review

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Welcome to Episode 2 of PhotoComment podcast. In this show we look briefly at the news of the past week or two, what we have on review and look at what is coming to the site and the October issue of the magazine. Oh, of course we touch briefly on the Nikon 1 V1 and J1 cameras too.

October Issue of PhotoComment Magazine

As this podcast goes lives the October issue of PhotoComment Magazine should just about be hitting shelves. What is inside?

Johann Marx is the featured Professional Portfolio and Armani our editor digs deep into what makes Johann tick.

We also look at Vega’s part time photography course through the eyes of an absolute new beginner, wrap up the Still Life tutorial from Frank at the College of Digital Photography and dive into some other great images in the student and readers portfolios as well. Not to mention the news, reviews and opinion views that we regularly feature.

To find the nearest stockist of the magazine in South Africa head on over to our website or read it online too. If you want to get the magazine delivered to your post box each month you can pay for postage on the site with a local and international postage option available depending on where you are in the world.


There are little bits of news from everywhere like new PhotoShop Elements 10 or a Flickr app for Android (not that its available on any of our devices yet) but all of these things were over shadowed by the announcement from Nikon of the Nikon 1 range of mirrorless cameras. We attended the launch and have an interview with Marli who is the Public Relations Manager for Nikon South Africa. Our first impressions in brief: bigger than we expected though comfortably small and full of great surprises that need to be experienced to be appreciated. You can find our complete hands on impression post on the site.

Vanguard Bag

Last week the new Vanguard Heralder 38 arrived on our door step. This is the largest bag in their range of messenger style bags. Honestly I think this biggest one in the range is too big but that depends on what gear your personally want to carry over your shoulder. The easy access through the top of the bag is great and everything packs inside rather well. The bag feels light for it’s size but if filled to capacity it can take it’s toll on your shoulder hence I think the smaller Heralder 33 may be the more popular size.


Epson sent us their new PX730WD multifunctional printer. Earlier this year we looked at what is now essentially the predecessor, the TX700 and were not quite sure how it could be made better however in doing side by side tests the new PX730WD is certainly quicker. You can also now get an app for your Android device or iPhone to print pictures from your phone to a compatible Epson Wi-Fi printer like this one. The app is called iPrint and is available from the respective app stores or markets.

Other Gear

We are just wrapping up our time with Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc which features an 8mp Back Light Exmor R sensor as found in the Sony Cyber-shot cameras. This as well as some of the new Sony NEX lenses will be reviewed in depth at the PhotoComment website.


That brings us to the end of this second show. Remember that you can send your feedback on the website or find us on Twitter @photocomment or

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