PhotoComment Podcast Episode 005 – Canon Expo, Samsung MV800, News and PhotoComment Magazine Readable on iPad

Here is the fifth episode of the PhotoComment podcast. In it we chat about the December issue of the magazine, look at news items like Nikon’s Speedlight SB-910, Sony’s NEX-7 shipments to the USA starting and the Tamron 18-200mm for NEX. We also talk about the Canon Expo and our recent time spent with the Samsung MV800 compact camera. Enjoy and feel free to give us your feedback.

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Show Notes

December Issue of PhotoComment Magazine

The December issue of PhotoComment Magazine is now on shelves and live on the website. It features the work of Charles Hildreth a Colorado based Professional Photographer and two student portfolios from Vega’s full time photography program. We also give a last minute gift guide for your photo enthusiast and review the Sony A65.

The magazine is now compatible with the iPad, other tablets and mobile phones. It is not an app yet but can be read in your browser. It is still in early stages but give it a try and give us feedback. We suggest double tapping to zoom in rather than pinching at the moment as pinch zooming doesn’t yet re-render the page.

To find the nearest stockist of the magazine in South Africa head on over to our website or read it online too. If you want to get the magazine deliver to your post box each month you can pay for postage on the site with a local and international postage option available depending on where you are in the world.


Nikon have announced a replacement for the SB-900 Speedlight the SB-910. The biggest benefit of the new flash people seem to be talking about is the fact that unlike the SB-900 which would shut down when it was overheating, the SB-910 slows recharge times down.

Leica announced the V-Lux 3, a 24x superzoom with 12.1MP CMOS sensor. The camera has a 4.5 – 108mm F2.8-5.2 image stabilized lens, equivalent to 25-600mm in 35mm film terms. The camera is also capable of 1080p60 video capture shoots 12fps at full resolution.

Sony USA have announced that they will start receiving limited quantities of the NEX-7 this month still as production following the flooding in Thailand comes back online. It will be a while before we poor souls here in South Africa get to see it.

Lastly Tamron have announced that they are bring to market an 18-200mm lens for the Sony NEX system. It will be the first AF third party manufactured lens for the system and as far as we know for any mirrorless system which could mean that Sony have made the system more open, NEX has a larger market share or they just have a lot more sway on other manufactures, who really knows. What we do know is it looks better than Sony’s own lens. It seems like it will go on sale in Japan before the end of the month.

Canon South Africa Expo

This past weekend was the first ever Canon Expo in South Africa. We were there on opening day to get a very brief hands on with the Canon EOS-1D X and C300. We also interviewed Roger Machin who is the product manager for Canon EOS in South Africa.

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Review – Samsung MV800

Trying to take an impromptu self portrait can be a bit of a mission and it can be a little sad when all the holiday pics have every family member in them but the photographer. With this perhaps in mind Samsung introduced the TL225 which had an LCD screen in the front and the back. The new MV800 improves on this design though in many ways.

The screen on the back flips all the way up and over to sit on top of the camera. The benefit over the predecessor is that the screen on the back is a fair bit larger than the one they crammed in the front. They have added a shutter button to the back of the camera to make it easier to fire when shooting a self portrait. But perhaps for me the most impressive thing about the MV800 has been the interface and clever features it has inside. The touch screen interface is very smart phone like, a far nicer machine than the SH100 we recently reviewed.


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