A Canon EOS 7D and the Nissin Di622 Mk II

I recently posted about the Nissin Di622 Mark II flash that we received to review. Well last week was my first opportunity to take it out for a bit of an impromptu shoot with Tristan Wrench who first introduced us to the guys at Parkour SA. I got my hands on a Canon EOS 7D with 50mm f/1.4 thanks to the guys at Lens Rentals so we could check how well the new Nissin flash’s wireless system worked.

Let me state now that this is one of the few times I have enjoyed myself shooting for a review. This image was shot with the flash off to the cameras right on a self standing monopod (yes that is an oxymoron) and then imported to my iPad and processed using Photogene Pro. All of these things will be reviewed in the coming days and weeks, this is just a taster and part of my fulfilment of the promise I made earlier this year “to shoot and share” with you all, our readers. Feel free to leave your comments, I think I can take it.