Book Review: Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdtsen

One of my favourite photographs, of which I am not sure I have many (I am my worst critic), is an image I took of a sheet of glass on the roof of a new building in Johannesburg. It captivates one as you look at one is essentially two images as one.

For this reason I was drawn to the latest eBook release by Craft & Vision called “Chasing Refection” by Eli Reinholdtsen. Not only is the book filled with images of magnificent reflections, but you are taken on a journey of creative discovery and instruction on how to shoot your own reflection photography. Truly this book keeps with the Craft & Vision slogan of “Spend $5. Improve your craft. (buy less gear)”. If you would like to purchase the book then head on over to Craft And Vision.

Author Bio

Tristan - Founder

Founder of PhotoComment. In a relatively short space of time he has experienced the photography industry almost full circle. From camera repairs, to photographic retail, wholesale, marketing for one of the large camera brands, part time photographer and of course blogger there is hardly a moment when he is not eating, drinking and occasionally getting some sleep where photography is not involved.