Book Review – “Focus: Found Face”

I feel really bad that I am only writing this book review now. “Focus: Found Faces” was sent to me a few months back and with moving and other events of the time it went missing until today. It is a fantastic book and deserves better. Enough of that, lets dive into the book.

Focus: Found Faces” is a book published by Lark. It is a compilation of images (245 to be precise) from photographers in over 25 countries. As the title suggests it is simply a book of images where faces were found in everyday objects. From cheese graters to man-hole covers, and a camera bag to hairs on a bar of soap – that’s right.

What I love about this book is the way it opens you eyes to see things in a different perspective. After getting this book I have started doing creative¬†exercises¬†to look for things in mundane objects that we don’t normally recognize are there.


A great book if you are looking for inspiration or to inspire someone else. Check it out.

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