Book Review: (micro)STOCK by Nicole S. Young

I admit, I am one of those photographers who has tried my hand at making money by selling (trying at least) to sell my images through stock libraries in an effort to pay for my terribly costly camera snapping habit. Sadly, while  I have sold one  image,  I need to sell another 100 before I can get paid out what I have earned. Not really successful. Now I have gone through Nicole S. Young’s new book, published by Craft & Vision called (micro)STOCK: FROM PASSION TO PAYCHECK. What a wow moment.

Nicole has gained a great reputation in photographic circles abroad for being an iStockphoto queen. In this book you get to read Nicole’s own story to success. From the beginning you learn “What is Commercial Stock Photography?” then move the history of micro stock and how its shaken up the industry. You will learn how to create “Quality Content”, “Discover Your Niche”, and “Think Like A Designer” and that is just skimming the surface.

In addition to reading Nicole’s story you find case studies from the lives of other photographers allowing you to draw on even more people’s experiences and instilling confidence that with hard work and consistency, perhaps you too can make this form of revenue work for you too.

This book is an essential if you want to get into micro stock and Nicole’s positive, upbeat personality and writing make for a great read which could very well leave you with a ‘Can Do’ attitude.

If you want to purchase this book for $5,00 – there are special launch prices if you act quick – then click on this link and a small portion will go to keep running PhotoComment, we appreciate your support.

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    • The book is only available as a PDF download from Craft & Visions website. All you need to do is to click the link in the post and you can buy it there for $5.

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