Brief Hands on of Sony A290 & A390

We have just got our hands on the new Sony Alpha A290 and A390 for review which does mean – as we want to have it in the June issue of the magazine – that we wont be publishing the magazine till later this week, but we thought we would give you a heads up of what has changed between these two cameras and their predecessors.

What Sony have done is reduce the entry level range from 3 models (A230, 330 and 380) to just the two (A290 & A390) In essence both cameras are the same, featuring 14mp CCD sensors. The only real difference is that the A390 sports live-view with a tilt screen which the A290 lacks. The make or break of these cameras though is if Sony have addressed the design of the Grip which was a deal breaker on the previous range. “So have they?” I hear you ask… well, you will need to wait for the full review in the magazine later this week, all I can say for now is yes and no.