Mini Review: Golden Pic Lite Android App


Here is a great little app for Android Smartphone owning photographers out there. Golden Pic is an application that will allow you to plan your photographs in the Golden Hours of the day. Sadly in South Africa we only have access to free apps so we cannot give you details on the full version but here is our impression of the Lite version.

How it Works

As mentioned above, this app is designed to give you a guide to when you can expect the golden light that so many of us photographers thrive upon.

By making use of your data connection and GPS the app acquires you location. From there it will give you the time Blue Light begins before Sunrise through to when the Golden light will end. It also gives you the reverse from when Golden Light begins through to when Blue Light ends at Sunset.

Underneath this information is a temperature high and low reading plus a weather icon to forecast what you could expect weather wise in those areas for the day.

By changing your location manually in the application you can use it to plan a road trip to grab golden hour photographs just about any where.


This is a great little application. As I said, it would be fantastic to get our hands on the full version here in South Africa as it would be free of adverts and offer additional features like Location Mapping with Google Maps, email reports to others for say a photo walk and easier location searching but even in its free form it works well and is a handy tool. Find it in the App Market as Golden Pic.

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