Nikon D300s Hands on First Thoughts

I had the opportunity today of playing with the new Nikon D300s for just a few minutes in a store while I was around the Nikon rep. Feels as good as the D300 did – not really any changes there.

The obvious change is the 720p HD video which I was told has now got AF – though if is probably not as fast as we may be accustomed to as still photographers. Another nice change is the built in flash coverage of 16mm opposed to the older 18mm on the D300 making the use of the AFS Nikkor 16-85mm VR more pleasant when you do opt to use the built in flash on a shot.

We hope to bring you a full review as we only had a few minutes and did not get a chance to take any pictures home, in fact the new D3000 was also there but time just did not allow me to try out both cameras.