Review – Sony Alpha A380

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the new Sony Alpha 380 was that it didn’t fit in my hand. Now my hands aren’t that big, but it still feels very small. I asked my wife what she thought, her hands are significantly smaller than mine, and without any prompting she said the same thing, that the grip was too small and therefore not easy to hold. That being said, the general layout of the Alpha 380 is good with almost all buttons in easy reach. The only exception is the menu button which is all on its own on the left of the body. Sony wanted to produce a Digital SLR that anyone could pick up and take good photos. This they have achieved. The new alpha range is very easy to use. Informative help screens tell you what each function on the camera does, making the sometimes daunting task of switching from the ‘Green’ mode to one of the pre-set scene modes, or taking the next step to the semi auto modes, much simpler. This camera will inspire confidence, even in a novice photographer.

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