Review: Sony CLM-V55 LCD Screen

Sony have launched a very nice LCD screen that can be used as a monitor screen while shooting HD video with any camera that has an HDMI output. This 5” monitor comes with 2 mount adapters to allow you to fit it onto a Sony Hotshoe or onto the Standard type Hotshoe that the other camera manufacturers use. The mount attaches to the screen via a standard ¼” tripod thread so that the screen can be mounted to any tripod, stand or bracket that has this standard screw attachment.

The screen is powered by it’s own rechargable battery and has a respectable battery life, I used it on a whole day video shoot and the screen was still going strong after I had used up 2 batteries in the camera. There is also an input to allow you to run it from the mains via the charger.

Input is via a standard (large) HMDI port making finding a compatible cable easy. The unit does come with a 40cm (approx) Mini HDMI to HDMI cable that should work with most DSLR’s and Video cameras. The screen has speakers built into it for reviewing audio as well as video and the option of plugging headphones into the screen to monitor audio while filming rather than into the camera. From the few cameras I was able to test this on the headphone and speakers only work if the camera supports sound output while shooting. On the VG-10, which has a headphone output anyway, the audio worked during filming but on the NEX-5 or A33 there was no sound output during filming, only during playback.

A nice touch is the removable sun shield which comes with the screen. This is essential to keep the screen shaded and visible in all lighting conditions. The shield folds away acts as a screen protector when the screen is not in use.

This is a great product and an essential addition to anyone shooting video on a camera with a small or non adjustable screen. Lookout for the bracket Sony will be releasing which will allow more versatile mounting of the screen and provides an additional Cold Shoe to the Hot shoe on the camera, so that you can mount an external microphone on one and the screen on the other.