Review: Sony NEX-C3

The NEX-C3 is the third Sony mirrorless camera to hit the market and replaces the NEX-3. If you are not familiar with what mirrorless cameras are all about let us briefly explain. Part of the reason DSLR cameras are as big as they are is the mirror that allows light coming through the lens to bounce into a prism and out a viewfinder so that we can see what the lens is seeing. By removing the mirror and prism, the camera can be a lot smaller. The question now is, how does the NEX-C3 compare against it’s predecessor?


  • 16mp APS-C Exmor HD CMOS Sensor
  • 5.5 frames per second shooting
  • ISO 12800
  • 720p HD Video

Image Quality

In one word, GREAT! Compared to then NEX-3, the new 16MP sensor in the NEX-C3 is sharper, more colour rich and better in low light. I love shooting with my NEX-5 and have been very happy with it’s image quality but if I have to be honest, the C3 made me a little jealous.


Compared to the NEX-3 the new NEX-C3 feels a whole lot better in the hand. Sony have worked on the ergonomics quite a bit and it shows. Not only is the camera smaller but more comfortable to bold. The build quality – though not as nice as the aluminium NEX-5 – also feels better than the predecessor.


The NEX-C3 is the best mirrorless camera we have tested to date, particularly from a stills image perspective. The only reason we’re hanging on to the NEX-5 is for it’s 1080 AVCHD video though with the announcement of the NEX-5N one may be able to get the best of both worlds. We should have that review for you soon.

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