[UPDATE] Review: Photogene for iPad

Those of you who listen to me on the podcast This Week In Photo are likely already aware that I have been a big advocate of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you are also likely aware that I very recently got an iPad as well. I have found that both devices are flawed and my opinion has changed little from that expressed in my review for This Week in Photo here so I wont be going in to that. This post is going to focus on what is in my view, the best iPad app around, Photogene.

What is Photogene?

To put it simply, Photogene is Photoshop for your iPad. The app retails for $2.99 which is well worth it. Unlike the very limiting and personally frustrating Adobe Photoshop Express which offers very limited functionality, Photogene is as near to Photoshop Elements as I can honestly expect on a device like the iPad.


Photogene offers you a number of critical features. Yes it has the basics like Crop, Rotate and a host of filter effects like Adobe’s offering plus adjustments of Exposure, Contrast and Saturation. Other adjustments include Colour Temperature, Lightening Shadows, Darkening Highlights, Sharpening with control of not only the amount but the radius. Controls are present for Luminance and Chroma denoise, hisogram, RGB channels and on the pro version of the app you also have curves. Thats not all, there is also a healing brush… in fact the only thing that seems to be missing is layers and I think is could replace my laptop. That said, I am already doing very little editing extra work on my PC.

Export Option

Once you have done you editing you can save a copy of the image, add a watermark and share the image on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Print, Email, even FTP it… what more do you need really?


Other the last few weeks I have found myself doing 90% of my photo editing on my iPad with Photogene and with a new project I have in mind it will become an essential tool for me without a doubt. As I mentioned above, there is a Pro upgrade for Photogene which depending on how heavily a part of your workflow the iPad is, may or may not be worth the extra spend for you. At base it is $2.99, the upgrade to pro costs $7.99 and give you the Curves adjustments plus features on the photo organizing. This is money well spent, really.

UPDATE: Correction

Our apologies, I made a mistake, the standard version does offer Curve adjustments, the PRO version offers RGB individual curves.