Video Review: Olympus Tough TG-610 Plays Rugby

Recently Armani posted his review of the Olympus TG-810. A few weeks prior to his chilling experience in an icy winter pool we decided to put the smaller Olympus TG-610 through a Tough Test – pun intended – and see if it could survive being strapped to a rugby ball at Pirates Rugby Club practice. The result, better than us or any of the rugby team expected, not even a scratch. Check it out or read on for my thoughts on the camera further.


Tough may very well be the most successful brand in the Olympus range. From dirt bikers to adventurers I have come across all sorts of people using the Tough range in all sorts of testing conditions. While the TG-610 does not make the same weight and depth claims of the bigger TG-810 it still feels like it can roll with the punches as our video review demonstrates.

I actually felt so good about the camera I admit that I let my two year old play with it at a dinner one night to help keep him quiet. Got some interesting 2-5sec video clips of the table.

Image Quality

I am not going to say image quality from the TG-610 is mind blowing but it is also not the worst of the bunch. I do think Olympus need to start looking at implementing back lit CMOS sensors in their cameras, particularly the Tough range which are bound to shoot under water at some point and where the light is less favourable. For sunny snaps on a summer beach though the Tough cameras are perfect.


Well as you say in the video, the camera is Tough, the images in bright conditions are not bad and even in slightly less favourable conditiond they are better than some. If you need a camera for taking to the beach, dirt biking or even for a different perspective on a rugby match, consider just about any of the Olympus Tough cameras.