adventure – part 4

last Sunday we had our “early morning outing”. we had to meet at the venue at 06:30 am. i always find it difficult to wake up so early but once i’m up i feel fantastic. i love the early morning light. it wasn’t such a bad thing that i saw a magnificent shooting star trailing across the still-dark sky. i missed my onramp onto the highway because i was watching it but who cares? a quick u-turn and i was on track again. we spent some cold hours taking photographs of subjects i would usually have found pretty boring but with that light and looking through my viewfinder, i found myself excited by what i saw. just like our lecturers said; if you want great photographs, you’ve gotta be up before the sun.

yesterday evening my husband asked me what i learned at my photography class that morning. i told him about exposure compensation and about the histogram. he looked at me with one raised eyebrow and said “a histogram!? isn’t that a surgery performed on women!?”.

needless to say he won’t be impressed with my divulging of his “moment”. of course, i can’t really expect him to have known that a histogram is basically a graph that shows the highlights, mid-tones and shadows of each individual image. i like that Hannah, one of our passionate lecturers called it the “heartbeat monitor” of the photograph. a clipped histogram on the right means you have blown out whites, while a clipped left is shadows that are too dark to show any detail. of course some people would say your histogram should be a lovely little hill; sloped on each side and gently round in the middle. BUT some of us WANT patches of blown out whites and too-dark shadows. and that’s just another reason i love photography. it’s all about making choices; preconceiving the image you want in your head, and then telling your camera how to capture it.

after hearing a little about aperture priority mode (Av) and shutter priority mode (Tv), we got to see our images up on the wall; an intimate little exhibiton. quite a feeling.

yesterday was our last class for the Fundamentals course. i didn’t leave without a pamphlet with information on all the other courses the College offers. i’ll need it. i’ll be back. i want more.