this is an adventure. care to join?

a friend recently asked me to describe myself in a few words. i said “commitment-phobe-but-recently-married, adventurer. i am constantly looking for ways to quench my thirst for change and new experiences. my latest exploration comes in the form of photography. i’m a noob at it. if you don’t think photography really classifies as “hard-core”, wait till you hear the jargon.

my journey started of course, at buying a camera. i needed a DSLR. I looked around online at prices, makes and models. off I went to the store. i asked the guy behind the counter if I could see the Canon EOS 450D. He brought me the 550D and tried to tell me why I should get it instead. he was rattling off unrecognizable terms at me while I stood there pretending to understand what he was saying (even though i’d already told him I was clueless). i left the store quickly…without a camera.

plan b. i got a hold of a friend who’s been photographing for years. i asked him to talk to me “real simple”; he obliged, saying “save on the body, spend on the lens”. he explained that the body is simply a light tight box with shutter speed and aperture controls and in which to capture the image. he explained that basically the “extra” i’d be spending on the 550D was to cover the “HD video” which most people think works like a camcorder, while apparently, in reality doesn’t have auto focus while recording. in addition, according to my friend, all I need for now (as a noob) is 12mp. he said the Canon EOS 450D was “good value for money”.

i don’t know if i broke some unwritten photography law by buying at Hi-Fi Corp.

so, on to enrolling in a “fundamentals of digital photography” course. lesson 1: (my interpretation) learning how not to be scared of your camera and all the buttons. so far, the lecturers are surprisingly friendly. they gave me tea and a name tag and when the class was settled, proceeded to patiently explain; the inner workings of the camera, what to look for in a tripod, and terms like exposure, light value, f-stop, ISO, shutter speed and aperture (i know some jargon now. WHAT UP!). they even sent us home with some homework. apparently i’m learning how to make perfectly exposed photographs. no more glowing white faces, no more grainy dark alleys. wonderbaar!

at least, that’s the idea. i’ll let you know how it works out for me.