Think Tank Retrospective 10 – More Than A Camera Bag

This is by no means a final review, it is more of a fun post so take it in the manner it is intended please. I have a thing for camera bags, its an addiction really and many photographers suffer from it. Many journalists and ‘hard-core’ photographers will tell you that for some of the toughest assignments there has only been one bag for the job, a Think Tank. I have an assignment that perhaps the people at Think Tank did not intend there bags for…

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Review: Lowepro Exchange Messenger

I recently got myself what must be one of the greatest little bags around and at a price that makes it almost a no brainer to own, the Lowepro Exchange Messenger.

As photographers with expensive gear – particularly those of us who do it as a hobby – we are paraniod about keeping our gear safe and secure. Who of you out there did not feel the thickness of the padding on each bag you looked at and can honestly say that the level of padding was not a matter of consideration in your final choice of a bag?

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Quick Post: Lowepro SlingShot AW

When you talk to professional photographers about camera bags, don’t be surprised if you hear Lowepro mentioned a lot. Many of us have used them and had years of reliable, protective service from them. you may recall that we really enjoyed reviewing the Passport Sling not so long ago, but another bag that Lowepro launched … Read moreQuick Post: Lowepro SlingShot AW

Review: Lowepro Passport Sling

Camera Bag or Everyday Fashion Item?

Review By: Tristan Hall & Rikki Hibbert

Now don’t you worry, I am not going to pretend to know something about fashion or the coffee club culture but this review is going to have a twist. To try offer a balanced perspective, Rikki is going to be our more fashionable, female and should we say modern reviewer, while I, Tristan will apply the more conservative… perhaps typically South African male point of view.

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