PhotoComment Podcast Episode 006 – CES 2012 News and Epson R2000 Preview

It is 2012 and this is the first episode of the PhotoComment podcast of the year. We recorded it last week during CES news announcements that were flying around on the web fast and furious. Check it out and comment on it of give us a thumbs up on Youtube if you like it. Also share with us what more you would like to see.

Download the HD Version of this podcast. (Right Click Save As) or find it on iTunes.

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CES 2012: Canon PowerShot G1X


This is quite likely the camera everyone has wanted from Canon for many years while still being the camera few people expected. It is a G-series on steroids. It features a 14.3MP CMOS sensor that is just a tiny bit smaller than the 1.6x crop APS-C sensor they use in much or their DSLR range. It is not the changeable lens, mirrorless machine many were expecting. Question is thought, for most photographers that this will appeal to, does it really need changeable lenses? Read on for the press release from Canon SA.

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Fuji Fiesta Ahead of CES

Each year around Jan/Feb the Consumer Electronics Show is held, usually in Las Vegas. In 2012 the show will also have a combined feature with PMA (Photo Marketing Association) and as such, it is expected that there will be even more photographic related activity than normal. Fuji have kicked things off with announcing nearly 20 new cameras, and that is excluding the big announcement everyone is waiting for, a changeable lens version of the ever popular X100. Read on for more about the new line-up for 2012.

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