Vega Course – Lesson One

As promised, here is the first lesson report from our gap year teenager. Seems the photography bug is biting from day one. Don’t forget you can win an intermediate course with Vega as well.

How to operate your camera and Time exposure photography

“Understanding your camera equipment is the first and probably most important step, you will take in developing your skill as a photographer”
– Intermediate Photography 2011 Module Manual Revised Edition (2010)

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Jumping The Gap (Year) & a Used Canon EOS 350D

Let me introduce you to Tristan (popular name these days) Wrench, your typical teen who has completed his schooling and has taken a gap year to figure out whats next in his life. He’s into parkour, drama and has done some great video editing for us in the past. To help him fill his gap year we arranged for him to attend an Intermediate Photography Course at Vega. First things first though, we needed a camera and on a tight budget we thought we would look second hand. KAMERAZ held the answer.

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adventure – part 2

i realise a little more with every class that every penny i earn from now on will likely be spent on some or other piece of camera equipment. every lens we were introduced to at our last class sounded essential. i’m pretty sure i need at LEAST; a portrait lens, a telephoto lens, a macro lens, 2 ultra wide angle lenses and a fish eye lens as a cherry on the top (and that’s just to start). i haven’t told my husband what lenses cost, i just said “expensive”. for now i’ll have to be content with my little 18mm – 55mm “kit lens”.

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this is an adventure. care to join?

a friend recently asked me to describe myself in a few words. i said “commitment-phobe-but-recently-married, adventurer. i am constantly looking for ways to quench my thirst for change and new experiences. my latest exploration comes in the form of photography. i’m a noob at it. if you don’t think photography really classifies as “hard-core”, wait till you hear the jargon.

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